Daiwat Joshi

Daiwat Joshi

Master of Engineering Project Management

For Daiwat Joshi, the Master of Engineering Project Management was the logical next step to take his engineering career further.

“As an engineering professional in the environmental engineering and sustainable development field, I came across many large-scale projects in my home country India. That intrigued me very much, and because of that I chose to pursue the Master of Engineering Project Management.

“I would proudly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to engage in a systems thinking approach and practical papers. This programme is very well tailored, with some amazing papers and academic staff. It’s a challenging degree that gets the best out of you in a more meaningful way.”

Having recently graduated with his Master of Engineering Project Management, Daiwat is planning to use his newfound knowledge to further his career in the environmental engineering and sustainable development field. But first, he will make the most of being in New Zealand, planning to explore more of the country on a road trip.

An enjoyable study environment
The group assignments, technical sessions and guest lecturers were what he enjoyed most about his studies, Daiwat says.

“In the technical sessions, we completely engaged in an engineering activity in class, and the group assignments were a great chance to discuss everything from the assignments to politics, sports or the latest TV series. I’m going to miss that from AUT. There was also so much to learn from the experience of guest lecturers coming in to share their expertise with students.”

Studying in a new country had its challenges, he admits.

“One of the biggest challenges for me was to understand the university requirements for our assignments, for example referencing or the resources to use for a project. That could be quite difficult for an international student. Fortunately, AUT arranges workshops to help with referencing and research studies. That was very useful all throughout my programme.”

Making the most of the opportunities
Throughout his studies, Daiwat also found the time to get involved in clubs and events at AUT, making the most of his studies.

“I took up a leadership position in the AUT Future Proofers club to help elevate my leadership skills. Through Future Proofers I also got involved in the Young Sustainability Leaders programme, which links students with sustainability mentors from industry, government, not-for-profit and the start-up community. I liked the idea of having a mentor and using my sustainability experience to create more value for society.

“Another highlight for me was being involved in the Fuji Xerox Hackathon. One of my lecturers asked me if I was interested in taking part in the hackathon event, and I was very much excited. The best part was that everyone was involved in offering meaningful solutions to problems. We were divided in teams of three; with team members from engineering, business and design backgrounds. That was quite a highlight.”

His advice for other students is to make the most of the opportunities, Daiwat says.

“Try to be involved with AUT clubs, attend all the library workshops and endnote sessions, and participate in the AUT Edge Award as that will help you in a professional manner. I would also recommend trying to understand the New Zealand culture and attending Te Noho Marae organised by AUT.”

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