Daisy Statham

Daisy Statham

Baker, Magnolia Kitchen
Diploma in Pâtisserie

Baking has always been something she enjoyed, says Daisy Statham who came to AUT to study a Diploma in Pâtisserie and is now a full-time baker at Magnolia Kitchen.

“I’ve always had a love of baking. After high school, I initially trained as a beauty therapist but I realised that I had to follow my heart and pursue a career in baking. Enrolling in the Diploma in Pâtisserie helped me turn my passion into a valid career choice.

“I chose AUT’s pâtisserie programme because it’s specifically focused on baking – especially sweet – and had a high practical content. Before I came to AUT, I researched available pâtisserie courses throughout New Zealand, and this programme was one of the few courses in Auckland that was pâtisserie-based rather than mainly covering general culinary skills.”

Prepared to succeed
Daisy would highly recommend the Diploma in Pâtisserie to other students.

“In the first year, you learn all the basics, and in the second year you develop these skills to a professional level and express your individuality by creating your own pâtisserie pieces. As part of the diploma you also have an opportunity to go on a placement within the industry, giving you the chance to apply your skills in real-life situations.”

The programme gives you a good foundation for a pâtisserie career, she says.

“It covers a broad range of techniques and many different aspects of pâtisserie. It shows you many different pathways you could go down; not only cake-decorating or breadmaking. I enjoyed having a lot of kitchen time and physically practising the skills, while also learning about the science behind why things happen.”

Advice for other students
Daisy has some great advice for other students.

“My advice to other students is to trust in the programme and in yourself. You’ll always be guided on your pathway to success and everybody wants you to succeed. Be aware though that it’s not always a nine to five environment, and you need to be willing to be flexible around your hours.”

While Daisy can be proud of achieving straight A grades throughout her diploma, she admits that having confidence in her own abilities was one of her biggest challenges during her studies.

“The fact that AUT recognised my ability and that was reflected through my grades has given me the confidence to feel comfortable and confident working in one of Auckland’s most recognised boutique sweet cafés and cakeries.”

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