Cushla Ross

Cushla Ross

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science in Child Health student

Postgraduate study in child health was the natural next step for her career, says Cushla Ross.

“I’ve been nursing for 21 years and nursing children for 16 years, including working for 12 years in a children’s hospital and for three years as a Clinical Specialty Nurse with Kidz First home care nursing.

“I started studying again as I felt I needed to extend myself and start to question my practice. The world is changing and the needs of the children and families I care for are changing too. I want to be as current with my nursing practice as I can be.”

Currently enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science in Child Health, Cushla is planning to continue into a postgraduate diploma and eventually a master’s degree to open up more senior nurse roles for her and give her the option to possibly move on to a nurse practitioner role in the future.

Inspired to challenge her current practice
She would highly recommend the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Science, Cushla says.

“The level of expectation Is very high and this has challenged me in my current practice, and encouraged me to question protocols and guidelines I’ve been using for years. The level of critical thinking involved has changed my practice greatly in a positive way, which in turn will benefit the families I case manage.”

She also enjoys the great sense of community and multicultural feel studying at the AUT South Campus offers.

“It’s a close-knit community campus and offers all the courses I needed, with great support to assist my learning. I appreciate the community feel, and the campus is very modern and feels revolutionary. I love studying close to home, and being on a smaller campus with friendly staff and students.”

Balancing work and study
AUT has made it easy for her to return to study, Cushla says.

“Coming back to tertiary study after 15 years away, when I was working and raising my family, has been difficult, but the transition was made easy. AUT enables me to work at my own pace with lots of support. I find the staff and university very approachable and keen to help me make my study fit around my work and home life.”

She also appreciates being able to share the experience with other students who are working professionals themselves.

“It’s great to talk to other students about their experiences with fitting study around home and work life and the pressures this can cause. Sharing ideas and strategies with your peers can be a great resource.”

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