Craig Kamins

Craig Kamins

Business Analyst, Lindsay Australia, Brisbane
Bachelor of Business in International Business

The workplace experience as part of his business degree was the highlight of his studies, says Craig Kamins who now works for integrated transport, logistics and rural supply company Lindsay Australia.

“The biggest highlight of my time at AUT was definitely the workplace experience in my final year. I completed my workplace experience in Brisbane at Volvo Group Australia. The most enjoyable part for me was learning about all the different products the company sells. At the end of my placement I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Brisbane Truck show. It was a great experience to see the various truck manufacturers here in Australia.

“I enjoyed being part of a large multinational company like the Volvo Group, working alongside people from different cultures and backgrounds. It was the first time I lived away from home and in a new country, and I grew a lot as a person during this period.”

For Craig, his placement at Volvo Group Australia has also opened the door to a permanent role there after he graduated.

Making a difference
After working for Volvo Group Australia for two years, Craig recently started working as a business analyst for Lindsay Australia.

“In my role with Lindsay Australia, my key responsibilities are providing reporting and analysis for both Lindsay Rural and Lindsay Transport. What I like most about my role is being able to use the analytical and problem-solving skills I picked up through my finance papers during my time at AUT.”

He constantly applies the skills he learned at AUT, Craig says.

“AUT emphasized critical thinking skills, and I now use these skills to look at challenges the business faces and how to solve them. This has really helped me come up with outside of the box ideas that other people in the organisation may not necessarily think of.”

The skills to succeed
After enjoying economics in secondary school, studying business at university was an easy decision, Craig says.

“I’ve always been interested in one day starting my own business. AUT seemed like a great fit for me as I had heard that it has a more interactive approach to learning in smaller classrooms, rather than sitting in big lecture theatres all the time.

“I would recommend AUT because collaborating with other students in the workshops and group assignments is a great way to prepare you for the real world. Being able to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures is vital in the corporate world, and I feel AUT provides a great basis to prepare you to do this.”

He also appreciated the visits from industry experts, Craig says. For him, one such visit turned out to be eye-opening.

“The CFO of Auckland Airport came in to speak in one of my lectures and mentioned how New Zealanders do well globally because we aren’t afraid to put our hands up to do things and push ourselves out of our comfort zone. This made me want to be a leader in the corporate world, and work with people to improve processes and come up with new ideas.”