Christine Wardle

Christine Wardle

Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise student

She loved the variety of courses she could choose from, says Christine Wardle who is currently studying a Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise.

“AUT has a broad range of study options, which makes the courses really stand out. I’ve been able to pursue areas of my interest and follow my passions. Some of the courses are also offered online, which helped me fit study around my work. The academic staff have been very encouraging and made me feel valued for my work.”

There have been plenty of eye-opening moments for Christine throughout her studies.

“Firstly, I figured out something I’d been trying to work out for years – why triathletes can run as fast as trained runners, but can never keep up with trained cyclists. I also learned about the effects of sugar on brain development and why it’s important to keep teenagers off the stuff. I would definitely recommend this programme because it’s up-to-date, innovative and explores new ways of thinking.”

From short course to postgraduate study
For Christine, her journey at AUT initially started with a short course in personal training.

“In 2019, I completed a Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Training, and then decided that I wanted to take my qualification further. I could see that AUT’s sport and recreation courses are very up-to-date and being delivered by experts in their field.”

Currently enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise, Christine already has big plans for further postgraduate study.

“I’m expecting to complete my postgraduate certificate at the end of the year, and then plan to move into a Master of Philosophy in 2021. Eventually I’d like to complete a PhD.”

Advice for other students
Christine has some great advice for other students considering postgraduate study in sport and recreation.

“Sport and exercise is a very exciting and rewarding field that can open up a lot of career possibilities.

“My advice for other students is to do what you enjoy.”

The Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise has been replaced by the Postgraduate Certificate in Sport, Exercise and Health.
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