Chikita Kodikal

Chikita Kodikal

Graduate, Te Kawa Mataaho – Public Service Commission
Founder, Allied Justice Aotearoa
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Understanding more than one language and culture is crucial in today’s day and age, says Chikita Kodikal who came to AUT to enrol in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws double degrees. After completing her studies in early 2021, she is now part of the highly sought-after graduate programme at Te Kawa Mataaho – Public Service Commission.

“Knowing different languages will enable you to connect and network with a broader audience. By studying the International Studies major you have the ability to learn in dynamic environments that go beyond the pages of a textbook and walls of a classroom.

“The Bachelor of Arts offers a diverse array of courses that can shape students into global citizens. It teaches students to think critically and problem solve in a constantly changing, superdiverse society. I aspire to work with vulnerable communities to be able to empower them and be a voice for the voiceless.”

Choosing AUT
Deciding to come to AUT for her university study was easy, Chikita says.

“In the years prior to attending AUT, I had met people who had attended AUT and they had nothing but great things to say about studying here.”

It’s a decision she hasn’t regretted.

“The academic staff at the School of Language and Culture constantly encouraged me to surpass my own self-imposed limitations, and think constructively and creatively about various socio-political and economic issues.”

Supported to thrive
Her studies have given her the confidence to take on new challenges and opportunities, Chikita says.

“The staff at AUT assisted me in so many ways. The academic staff are experts in their fields and through conversations with them I’ve not only learnt a tremendous amount but also received the push and guidance to pursue my goals. For example, I wasn’t only a student at AUT, but also worked as a teaching assistant. This goes to show that if you’re determined, you can accomplish great things.”

Chikita’s hard work also opened the door to a number of travel opportunities.

“In 2017, I received a full scholarship to travel to Japan for two weeks. Then, in 2018, I received a scholarship to travel to the Netherlands on a six-month student exchange. It’s only because of the tutelage and guidance of the staff at the School of Language and Culture that I received these awards and scholarships, and have been able to travel to 13 countries in two years.”

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