Cheng (Ivan) Meng

Cheng (Ivan) Meng

Owner, Lancom Commercial Aluminium
Master of Business Administration
Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

For engineering alumnus Cheng (Ivan) Meng there was never a question what his future career would be.

“My dad is an engineer, and I wanted to follow the same career path, especially as engineering is a widely recognised and respected profession.”

Since completing his engineering degree in 2006, Ivan has had many successes in his career, advancing from design and process engineer at Fletcher Aluminium and serving as the Asian business manager for building giant Carters, to running his own business.

“I’ve been involved in and have managed a number of construction projects across New Zealand. I enjoy being able to show my family members, friends and customers a project I’ve worked on, and explain my involvement in the job. Throughout my career, I’ve received a number of promotions and had many opportunities, including being a presenter at the International Aluminium Conference held in Australia.”

The path to success
He constantly draws on the skills he developed during his time at AUT, Ivan says.

“During my bachelor’s degree, AUT provided me with theoretical and practical skills that cover almost everything in the engineering industry. This helped me find my first job in New Zealand. Later on, I decided to enrol in AUT’s Master of Engineering, which included a research project in collaboration with Fletcher Aluminium’s industrial programme.”

In 2013, Ivan once again returned to AUT – this time to complete a Master of Business Administration.

“My employer at the time, Fletcher Aluminium, offered me the opportunity to complete the MBA as part of my professional development. Because I came from a technical background, the company thought I would benefit from furthering my management skills. They were considering me for a promotion, and ideally wanted someone with both technical and management skills. The MBA was the perfect path to achieve this.”

Advice for other students
There are great opportunities for engineering graduates, Ivan says.

“I have found that if you have an engineering degree, you can quite easily find a job with a reasonable salary or join a large company for better career opportunities.”

Don’t underestimate the importance of your university results, he adds.

“It will be much easier for you to find your first job after university if your academic results are good. Just having a ‘pass’ will make job hunting more difficult. It’s also important to get some relevant practical experience during your university studies, as that will help you find a good job later.”