Ceili Lea

Ceili Lea

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies in Journalism

She has always had a fascination with media, politics and people, says Ceili Lea who is currently completing a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Journalism.

“I chose the Bachelor of Communication Studies because I felt that this degree would equip me with the skills to pursue a career where I could explore media, politics and people.”

Now in the third year of her degree she already has a good idea what her next step will be.

“I’m looking to move into the journalism industry as I love interviewing people, and hearing and telling stories around topics I’m passionate about, like political culture.”

Space to grow
She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AUT’s communication studies degree to other students, says Ceili who received an AUT Significant Student Scholarship in 2019 and a Fuji Xerox AUT Undergraduate Scholarship in 2020, and was the top Bachelor of Communication Studies student in her first year at AUT.

“The unique and wide range of industry specialisations this degree offers – from PR, to screen production and radio – sets it apart from similar degrees at other institutions. It provides you with heaps of opportunities to explore your individual interests and strengths; from more practical skills like video production to more theoretical and creative skills.

“The knowledge you gain in your first and second year builds your confidence massively, and sets you up to excel in the real world.”

The flexibility of the assignments is another thing she has enjoyed.

“I love how open-ended a lot of the assignments are. You’re given a lot of freedom and flexibility to explore your passions, and to produce work that you genuinely love creating.”

Making the most of the university environment
Ceili still remembers the big move from her small hometown of Waipu to Auckland to start university.

“Moving to the city was an exciting change. But, coming from such a small town, adapting to Auckland still took some time, even though Auckland is a smaller city relative to the rest of the world. However, the sense of independence was really fulfilling, and I remember AUT being super welcoming to new students. All the staff were super down-to-earth, making the transition to university super easy and enjoyable.”

Her advice for other students is to make the most of the university environment.

“There won’t be many periods in your life like your time at university when you’re surrounded by such an abundance of knowledge, cool people and passionate mentors. Make connections with your tutors, always ask for feedback and build relationships with people in your classes. University is way more fun that way and it’s definitely worth making the most of the environment.”

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