Carolina Figueira

Carolina Figueira

Senior Business Analyst, Vodafone NZ
Bachelor of Business

She enjoys being able to make a difference through her work, says AUT business alumna Carolina Figueira who is now a senior business analyst at Vodafone NZ.

“I love that every day I can make an impact, and bring value to our company and customers. Vodafone is an innovative company that operates in a competitive and fast-paced industry, and I like the challenges this brings every day.”

Having graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Business in Commercial Law and Management, Carolina says her studies have been invaluable to her career now.

“My AUT business degree enabled me to understand and assist with making strategic decisions, analyse and present data, run workshops and last, but not least, be professional in the workplace.”

A modern approach to university education
AUT is an innovative university that combines classroom theory with real-life experience, Carolina says.

“AUT is an internationally recognised university that prepares students for the real world, combining theoretical and practical learnings and skills. At AUT I had the opportunity to interact with some of the best lecturers in the country, learn from up-to-date high-quality content and gain workplace experience during my degree.

“As an AUT student, you’ll be able to apply what you study in class in your job, and even discuss all the interesting topics you’ll learn in other situations, each job interview, a work meeting or out with your friends.”

Being able to complete workplace experience in the final year of her business degree was one of the highpoints of Carolina’s studies.

“My highlight was my last year where we got involved with a project interacting with a real-life company, and that experience proved invaluable and ultimately led me to starting my career as a business analyst.”

Advice for other students
Carolina has some great advice for other students.

“Enjoy your time at university and embrace every paper you’re studying. Even if you feel a particular subject may not seem relevant to your studies now, it may very well come in handy in the future.”

Be confident when you’re going for a job interview, she adds.

“Remember that the interviewer has every intention to find a great candidate, and most of time when we take the time to interview someone we’re really hoping this person is ‘the one’. So relax and be genuine, and enjoy the process too.”

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