Carlos Soares

Carlos Soares

Project Manager, Hargrave Project Management
Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering

He enjoys overseeing projects from the initial idea to the project’s conclusion, says mechanical engineering alumnus Carlos Soares who is now a project manager at Hargrave Project Management.

“I’m involved in the planning and delivery of construction projects, making sure that each stage of the project happens on time, on budget and to a high standard. As a project manager, I’m responsible for liaising with clients and construction professionals to arrange schedules and direct activities. I’m also organising logistics, delegating work and keeping track of spending.”

The complexity is one of the aspects Carlos enjoys most about his career.

“I enjoy the complexity of this work and how much diligence it takes to accomplish even a small job. It’s never a simple task. I’ve learnt a lot from working in this environment, alongside other engineers, architects, suppliers, contractors, clients and the council.”

Taking the next step
Studying engineering was the obvious next step for his career, says Carlos who had a successful trades career before migrating to New Zealand from Brazil.

“When I worked as a tradesperson, I was always focused on developing multiple skills but I felt that wasn’t enough. I decided to complete an engineering degree to develop my knowledge and explore a variety of new fields including calculations, 3D structures, new technologies, design software and the economic, social and environmental aspects of engineering.”

AUT’s modern university facilities and incredible support for students made it easy for him to choose where to study, Carlos says. It’s a decision he didn’t regret and throughout his time at AUT he had plenty of highlights he still fondly remembers.

“One of the highlights for me was landing an internship where I worked on developing a new material to resolve issues with milk meters rubber assembly and reduce the product cost by producing in-house parts.

“I also particularly enjoyed my last year because by then, all the difficult calculations, exams and assignments had become part of my routine, and I could enjoy my studies and also help others. I also dedicated a lot of my final year at uni to working on a marine biomechanics research project alongside Dr Lorenzo Garcia from the AUT BioDesign Lab. That was incredible as we weren’t just learning engineering but how to make a difference in the world.”

Advice for other students
Carlos, who graduated from AUT at the end of 2017, has some great advice for other students.

“Don’t feel shy and talk to others, ask questions, look for problems to solve and raise your hands for challenges. You should also attend seminars and get to know people with same interests; you might get a job from doing that. Don’t worry if you haven’t found your true passion yet; good things always happen when you’re looking for them.”

University is a good place to start developing workplace habits, he adds.

“When sending an email or speaking to your professor, be professional. Do your assignments not only for the marks, but treat them as if you were getting paid for them and your boss would be reading them. Use the university to train yourself for the real world.”

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