Caprice Thomas

Caprice Thomas

Diploma in Business student

Tuhoe, Ngāpuhi, Fijian, Samoan

She decided to study business to keep her future career options open, says Caprice Thomas who is currently completing a Diploma in Business and plans to move into the Bachelor of Business in Finance.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning about how businesses operate and how they shape our lives. I’d be interested in working in a business that revolves around helping people. At the moment, I’m leaning towards becoming a financial advisor in the future to be able to help anyone manage their finances and maximise their personal growth in finance.”

Studying the diploma has been bliss, she says.

“Since the Diploma in Business is set up similar to the Bachelor of Business, we have similar courses so it has given me a feel for what to expect in a bachelor’s degree. It has also taught me that it’s vital to have good time management skills so I can balance my personal life and study life. My studies have also prepared me to adapt to uncontrollable events like COVID-19 and moving to online learning.

“The best part about the diploma however are the lecturers. They’ve helped me along my journey and provided so much support. My lecturers in the first semester were so kind and they genuinely cared about their students. That made my studies a lot easier.”

A sense of belonging
Attending the AUT open day, AUT LIVE, made it clear that AUT was the right university for her, says Caprice.

“As soon as I arrived at the open day, I felt a sense of belonging. Everyone I met was really down-to-earth and super friendly, so I jumped straight into the opportunity they offered me. I was also very nervous for uni life because I had no idea what to expect but I gained a sense of relief knowing AUT had smaller, more intimate classes. I find that it’s much harder to ask questions in a larger setting.”

The diversity and the opportunities on offer have impressed her about studying at AUT.

“There are plenty of clubs and activities you can join to meet new people – from sports teams to investment clubs. At AUT, it’s not all just about finishing your degree; you can still have fun while you’re doing it. There’s a group for just about everybody’s interests. Although it is your responsibility to complete your assignments to the best of your ability, AUT has plenty of support groups and peer study groups that can help you with almost anything. You can also win free food and drinks all the time through the many competitions.”

Advice for other students
Caprice has some great advice for other students who are thinking about studying the Diploma in Business.

“If you’re anything like me and not quite sure what to do, I’d encourage you to give the diploma a go because you have nothing to lose and it can open the doors to so many opportunities even if you’re considering studying something else.

“This diploma really allows you to get settled into university life and it prepares you to transfer into a bachelor’s degree.”

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