Camila Roa-Nunez

Camila Roa-Nunez

Diploma in Business student

She discovered her passion for business when she was in high school, says Camila Roa-Nunez who is currently studying a Diploma in Business and is planning to move into the Bachelor of Business next year.

“During my time in secondary school, I was signed to Sony Music New Zealand as a singer/songwriter; an experience where I learned a lot about marketing and advertising. I also worked part-time as a brand ambassador, and found myself intrigued by the exciting creative work atmosphere and became passionate about studying business.

“When it was time to start uni, I chose AUT because it felt like the right environment for me. I enjoyed its creative approaches and the job opportunities that previous AUT students have achieved. It was encouraging to see other students in the jobs that I want for my future.”

While she is only at the start of her university journey, Camila already has a good idea how she sees her future after AUT.

“I’d like to work in advertising and marketing for creative industries like product companies, music companies, record labels or media organisations.”

Becoming confident about the business world
The Diploma in Business was a perfect introduction to the world of business for her.

“The programme has made me feel much more confident in the world of business, allowing me to have a clear understanding of basic business concepts. I hadn’t done business in high school but I now feel prepared to move into a bachelor’s degree and to have discussions about economics, consumer behaviour and finance.

“I liked that as part of the diploma I could also explore topics like business law and economics, which I hadn't considered before. I’m planning to move into marketing and use my personal musical interest to work in the music industry in the future. But I’m also considering taking some courses on consumer behaviour as I really enjoyed the introductory course on this topic in my diploma.”

Camila says she has found the AUT City Campus to be very welcoming.

“The campus has great facilities like the library, which encourage you to study in its clean and safe environment. I’ve also enjoyed meeting new people in the diploma as the majority of the students come from different backgrounds, ages and life experiences.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to complete the Diploma in Business at the end of the year, Camila has some great advice for other students.

“The Diploma in Business is a great introductory programme that enables you to explore all the areas business has to offer. It’s a great programme for those who want to learn a bit more about business and what it actually means to do a business degree.

“You get to meet a range of people who will encourage you to do well in the programme, and the learning happens at a great pace so you can dedicate a great amount of time to your assessments.”

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