Brent Burslem

Brent Burslem

Senior Physiotherapist, Kinetics Physiotherapy
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy)

He loves helping clients meet their goals and aspirations, says AUT health sciences alumnus Brent Burslem who is now a senior physiotherapist at Kinetics Physiotherapy.

“In this role, I’m responsible for the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries in primary care, particularly focusing on post-surgical rehabilitation. I enjoy working closely with local gyms and occupational therapists to help clients improve.

“As a senior physiotherapist I also get to mentor some of my physiotherapy colleagues and support them in their professional development and refinement of their skills. Teaching new graduates and passing on some of the knowledge and thought processes that have helped me get to where I am today is a highlight of my work.”

Brent first joined Kinetics Physiotherapy in 2018, after spending the first five years of his career in the hospital system before moving into private practice.

“When I moved up to the Hibiscus Coast, I wanted to work at a clinic with an excellent reputation and a similar work ethic and philosophy to my own. Kinetics Physiotherapy stood out to me. I love being able to work close to home and enjoy the flexibility of working in a private practice setting.”

The right university environment
Brent’s journey into physiotherapy started when he enrolled in AUT’s Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy), followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy after a few years in the workplace.

“What I liked about AUT is that it’s a university known for its strength in manual therapy and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. The clinical placements that were a key part of my bachelor’s degree were definitely a highlight, as was getting to work with some of the leading physiotherapy minds in New Zealand during the block courses in my postgraduate diploma.

“I still have strong memories of my graduation ceremonies – in 2009 for my Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) and in 2017 for my Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science – which were a celebration after completing intense periods of study.”

He was impressed by the passion of the academic staff, Brent says.

“The musculoskeletal physiotherapy team in particular showed an unbridled passion for their field and a desire to teach, learn and develop a highly educated and self-sufficient group of physiotherapists. The lecturers drove us to learn, critically evaluate things, and further our understanding and personal development.”

Advice for other students
Having now spent more than a decade in the workplace, Brent has some great advice for other students.

“Never stop learning and always strive to be better. Never stop asking questions. There’s never a silly question and the more you ask and understand, the better a practitioner and person you will be.”

Make the most of the opportunities available, he adds.

“Take the opportunities that are offered to you because you never know where they may lead. Make the most of every learning experience and reflect on these good or bad – everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes you learn the most from these.”

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