Bing (Frank) Huang

Bing (Frank) Huang

Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Doctor of Philosophy
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Honours) with first Class Honours
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences in Applied Mathematics and Analytics

He is proud of being able to provide valuable insights for his company, says AUT mathematical sciences alumnus Dr Bing (Frank) Huang who is now a senior consultant at Deloitte.

“I specialise in data engineering and data science, and mainly work with other organisations to architect and implement any data-related solutions. Knowing that every piece of my work can contribute and make a positive impact is always a big achievement for me.

“I feel very lucky to have the sexiest job in the 21st century. When I was still studying, I didn't know that my knowledge of mathematics and data could make such an impact. I love being able to extract value from data and technologies.”

A passion for maths
He has always been passionate about mathematics, Frank says.

“Maths and computer science have long been  my strengths and hobbies, and I wanted to be able to learn more about these fields. When I was in my last year of high school, I contacted AUT and the mathematical sciences programme was really attractive to me, so I chose to study at AUT.”

His love of maths saw Frank completing a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences, followed by an honours degree and a PhD.

“In my earlier years at AUT, I met my doctoral supervisor, Professor Jiling Cao, and since then I’ve been fascinated by the beauty of mathematics. He is a very wise mentor, and I knew that he could help me bring out my potential throughout my PhD.

“My doctoral research was about real options and game theory. It modelled the scenario of best investment timing with uncertainty, along with considerations of competitors’ behaviour.  This topic combined financial mathematics and game theory, making it crucial for strategic analysis as well as being a really fun topic to study.”

Highly recommended
He would highly recommend the mathematical sciences programmes, Frank says.

“Because AUT offers smaller, interactive classes you have lots of opportunities to learn from your lecturers. You also have more opportunities to learn things that are outside of your degree, which is crucial for life after graduation.”

There were many highlights throughout Frank’s time at AUT.

“I really appreciated the supportive environment that AUT has created. I enjoyed being able to participate in research, as well as teaching some classes and helping out other students. That was a most precious experience for me. Everyone I met at AUT was just really nice, and coming back to university is still on my wish list.”

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