Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong

Final-year student, Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Management & Bachelor of Business in Finance

He wants to make a difference to the future of sport, says Ben Armstrong who is currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Management as well as a Bachelor of Business in Finance.

“I grew up in a community where we didn’t have all the resources but we made things work by adapting and utilising what we had. I’d like to see more investments in sport for a better future.

“Sport was one of my strengths growing up and I excelled in sport throughout my childhood. That made it easy to decide to study sport and recreation at university. I chose to combine my sport degree with a Bachelor of Business to create a more diverse skillset and to acquire finance skills for a career in sport finance.”

Experiencing the sport business
Since first joining AUT in 2017, Ben has had plenty of highlights throughout his studies.

“I believe AUT offers the best programme in terms of academic and practical experiences to help me pursue my dream job. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to gain experience in different organisations and getting a feel for how the sport business work. One of these experiences was working alongside the CEO of Auckland Basketball Services, attending meetings with various stakeholders to discuss finances.”

Being able to hear from industry professionals has been inspiring, says Ben who was awarded a 2020 AUT Undergraduate Scholarship to support his studies.

“Since joining the AUT Investment Club I’ve attended plenty of events that involved highly successful businesspeople who encouraged us to always take up every opportunity and help us gain the competitive advantage over other applicants.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final year of his studies, Ben has some great advice for other students.

“Take any and every opportunity that arises. You never know the benefits your experiences may have and how they could help you in the future. Think beyond your own capabilities and strive for opportunities that will help you stand out above the rest.”

You can make your dreams come true, he adds.

“Ensure you’re passionate in your dream and become consistent with your actions to reach your dream.”

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