Azra Banu

Azra Banu

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments

She loves the future focus of AUT’s architecture degree, says Azra Banu who is currently studying a Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments.

“I like that architecture at AUT has a focus on the future, and that we’re thinking about our environment while studying architecture. I would absolutely recommend the Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments to students who are keen to learn about so much more than just ‘architecture’ itself.

“A key term that has fascinated me is ‘anthropocene’, which refers to how humans have contributed to this erratic weather that the world cannot sustain. I believe that as architects and designers, we need to act and think of tangible ways to prevent further global problems as we play a massive role in sustainable development and determining the state of our ecosystem. “

A passion for architecture and the environment
Choosing to study architecture was a great decision, Azra says.

“I’ve always enjoyed architecture and learning about our environment. Whenever I travel, I really pay attention to my surroundings such as buildings and sculptures. I would then bring in my creativity and start thinking about the ‘what if’s’.”

Azra already has a good idea of what she wants to do when she graduates.

“I want to work as a proper architect after I graduate and integrate the skills that I gain from this degree to contribute to the sustainable growth of cities and urban environments around the world by designing systematically.”

Advice for other students
Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, Azra advises other students.

“Don’t hesitate to email the academic staff! Don’t be shy; write them long paragraphs. Trust me, they won’t mind.”

One of the most memorable moments of Azra’s studies so far was when one of her lecturers talked about his challenges with being both a perfectionist and a procrastinator; experiences that are very similar to her own.

“It was around week 2 of the first semester when one of the lecturers talked about his experiences during his degree. He himself was a procrastinator and a perfectionist but that didn’t let him down. He started by making small goals and slowly achieved them. This motivated me to do the same; starting small.”

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