Awhina Hinepare Shortcliffe

Awhina Hinepare Shortcliffe

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Design in Communication Design

Ngāti Te Ata, Waikato Maniapoto

She has always dreamt of working in art and design, says Awhina Hinepare Shortcliffe who is in the final year of her Bachelor of Design in Communication Design.

“I want to work in the design industry, and build up a reputation for myself and my work. I love working with traditional media, including creating illustrations of mandalas and zentangle art.

“I’m drawn to mandalas because I’ve always had a knack for intricate details and mandalas allow for that creativity to flow freely. Eventually, I would like to work towards owning my own clothing store, with designs done by me, as well as selling my mandalas.”

Awhina’s work as a designer is already attracting well-deserved attention, and her moving image Living Without was selected for the student category in the 2018 Best Awards.

Fuelling students’ creativity
She initially considered studying photography, Awhina says.

“Originally I wanted to do photography but then I decided to go with communication design at the AUT South Campus because I could incorporate photography into my degree. I didn’t want to limit my learning and found that the Visual Communications pathway in the Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, offered at the South Campus, covers a bit of everything.”

She would highly recommend the Visual Communications pathway in the Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, says Awhina who received a South Achiever Scholarship to support her studies.

“I’ve acquired an incredible amount of skills and knowledge over the three years. This has ranged from simple frame-by-frame animated videos to creating my own publications. It has opened my eyes to the range of opportunities that I can be a part of, simply because I got to learn a little of everything.

“I love that the degree remains current. As technology is becoming more and more advanced, the papers are constantly adapted to reflect current trends. I also enjoy working alongside like-minded individuals who fuel my creativity and help me better myself and my work.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final year of her Bachelor of Design, Awhina has some great advice for other students.

“Don’t limit your learning. If you can acquire more skills, then I suggest you do it. It’s also important to keep an open mind. I thought I knew what I was going to do but university turned out to be so much more than I had ever imagined.”

Make the most of the opportunities, she adds.

“Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. If you any need help with that, there’s a support system that will surround you, so make sure you use it. For example, I’ve been sharing my experiences with other students through my roles as a student ambassador and a peer mentor. There’s lots of support at AUT if you need it.”

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