Avhneel Singh

Avhneel Singh

Manufacturing Engineer, Steelpipe Ltd
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering

He has always loved fixing things, says AUT engineering alumnus Avhneel Singh who completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering in 2014.

“My passion started off with fixing household appliances for my parents and grew when I got my first car. From then on, I’ve always worked on either my own car or the cars of my mates, making modifications, or doing fabrication work or general maintenance. I immensely enjoyed anything and everything mechanical.”

It was clear to him that studying engineering was the right choice for him.

“In high school, I really enjoyed maths, sciences and technology, and I knew that I wanted to do mechanical engineering. No other discipline excited me as much. I know I made the right decision because even now mechanical engineering remains my biggest passion in life. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

A steppingstone to engineering careers
For Avhneel there were plenty of highlights during his time at AUT.

“What stands out most were the people I met, the lecturers and the whole university experience. During the project work I realised how much of our study we can use to tie everything together. AUT’s coursework structure is set up to provide us with all the building blocks an engineer requires.

“For my final-year project, I worked with Callaghan Innovation; an experience that became a steppingstone into the industry and showed me what the future could hold for me as an engineer. This project also opened the door to a summer research scholarship at the University of Canterbury where I could build on my AUT project. I believe to this day they’re still using the materials I selected as my conclusion for my summer research project.”

His advice for other students is simple: enjoy your time at university.

“Do all the social activities and get involved. This will really give you some life experience you can look back at later on. But don’t neglect your studies. You should embrace this moment to learn and grow. This will be one of your best moves moving forward. Upskilling is a beautiful thing and I advise everyone to take any opportunity they’re given.”

A rewarding career
As a manufacturing engineer for Steelpipe Ltd, New Zealand's leading manufacturer of steel pipe, Avhneel enjoys using his engineering skills to make improvements to the company’s manufacturing plant.

“I’m constantly making improvements to our equipment, machinery and the processes being used, including reducing waste by adopting lean principles in our manufacturing. I’ve been given the skills to undertake work from the conceptual design to the manufacturing stage. Bringing new designs into our organisation always lifts our overall efficiency and quality of products. I love seeing my designs come to life in the manufacturing plant. It’s something to feel proud of as an engineer.”

There’s nothing he doesn’t enjoy about his work, Avhneel says.

“I love absolutely everything. I get involved in every area of the business, and the company has given me opportunities to learn the overall business and not just focus on my engineering role. I’m grateful to work for a company where I get such broad experience that will be so beneficial for my future. I also enjoy being able to use everything I’ve learnt at university, learn on the job and grow as a professional.”

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