Asmeet Prakash

Asmeet Prakash

Senior Internal Sales Engineer, Temperzone
Master of Engineering Project Management
Graduate Diploma in Business
Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Engineering

He has always dreamt of being an engineer, says Asmeet Prakash who came to AUT to study a Bachelor of Engineering Technology, later followed by a Graduate Diploma in Business and a Master of Engineering Project Management.

“I had known that I wanted to have a career in engineering since I was a young boy. When I was growing up, I was always pulling my toys apart, seeing how they worked and putting them back together. My father had a successful career as an electrical engineer and that also drove my curiosity and interest in engineering.”

Now working as a senior internal sales engineer at air conditioning manufacturer Temperzone, Asmeet has certainly achieved his goal of becoming an engineer.

“I joined Temperzone after eight years as an internal sales engineer at Renold New Zealand, and I love that air conditioning is such a huge industry. I’m constantly making new contacts and I enjoy that it’s a very challenging role with lots to learn.

“One thing I’m particularly proud of is having been part of helping Temperzone’s Auckland branch integrate with their recently acquired Hamilton branch. I’ve been heavily involved in coming up with procedures and project management to unite quoting and customer service systems into one unit.”

The right university environment
Asmeet still fondly remembers his studies at AUT.

“I chose AUT as it seemed to be a growing university, always striving for changes and the way forward. Once I completed my Bachelor of Engineering Technology in 2010, I thought business would complement engineering well, so I enrolled in a Graduate Diploma in Business. After completing the graduate diploma, I started my job at Renold New Zealand, which focused on both engineering and business. Having qualifications in both worked well in my favour.

“The highlight of my time at AUT, however, was my master’s degree, which I commenced a year after starting my first job. I enjoyed having the flexibility of spacing the programme out to suit my lifestyle and work commitments. I also liked that the majority of other students in my classes were also working professionals. That gave me a chance to understand other industries and start networking.”

Studying strategic management as part of his Graduate Diploma in Business made a particularly strong impression on Asmeet.

“While this was a fairly straightforward course, I believe it has helped drive me to where I am today. I still remember our lecturer explaining the theory of the ‘sweet spot' in business, and that is a concept I’ve applied throughout my career. Studying business also inspired me to launch my own part-time business, LED Innovations, in 2017; a business I’m still running today.”

Advice for other students
Having now worked as an engineer for the past decade, Asmeet has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to not let anybody discourage you for doing something that you’re passionate about, just because they didn't do it.”

Never stop learning, he adds.

“Don't feel you don't need to learn anything outside of your field. You can never learn too much and you’ll always find a place to use it in your future.”

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