Arun Paul

Arun Paul

Sales and Business Improvement Analyst, Mainfreight 2Home
Master of IT Project Management student
Bachelor of Business in Information Systems and Management

He would recommend the Master of IT Project Management to anyone wanting to move into a leadership role within the IT industry, says Arun Paul.

“The lecturers in the Master of IT Project Management are academics as well as industry veterans, and the value generated from interacting with them is immense. I especially love how the lecturers have given context to the theory we covered in class.

“I had completed my undergraduate studies at AUT and it was an easy decision to choose AUT for my master’s degree. The lecturers are well connected to the industry and the teachings are applicable to the real world.”

Balancing career and study
Combining postgraduate study with his full-time role as a sales and business improvement analyst at Mainfreight 2Home hasn’t always been easy, Arun admits.

“Had it not been for the support from my lecturers and AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, I wouldn’t have been able to manage balancing my roles as an employee and as a student.

“Fortunately, my lecturers and my workplace understood the constraints and commitments I had, and they were accommodating when I needed extra support. I appreciated that the lecturers were approachable and I could often see them during their office hours.”

Arun’s research is on management strategies needed to effectively adapt and complete change transformations. It is to be noted that 70% of changes do not fully achieve their objectives.

Once he graduates, Arun is looking forward to applying what he has learnt through his studies in the technology sector.

Advice for other students
Expecting to complete his master’s degree by the end of 2019, Arun has some great advice for other students.

“This is an opportunity to collaborate and widen your horizon – the learnings you are able to grasp, both academic knowledge and the C-skills, are immense. Compared to graduate studies, postgraduate study gives you the freedom and the options to broaden your skillset to fuel your career ambitions.

“AUT also provides plenty of opportunity to network with employers as well as events such as Co.Starters should you like to explore opportunities in entrepreneurship. Nothing beats hard work and persistence but also trust your lecturers, as they will guide you through.”

Arun says that the Master of IT Project Management is an excellent postgraduate programme that will lay the foundation whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or business leader, or someone who wants to pursue a PhD and explore research opportunities.

Employer comment

“Upon meeting Arun, I was immediately impressed with both his intellect and forthright nature. I’m a believer in the power of combining intelligence with conscientiousness, and I was immediately aware of the way in which Arun speaks openly and with an economy of words, while clearly conveying complex issues in a simple and easy to understand way. That in itself is a skill and sign of intelligence, and I quickly gained confidence in Arun within minutes of first meeting him. Arun told me of his background, his motivations and of how he worked more than one job. The fact that he could do this demonstrated that he is diligent and conscientious, which as mentioned, is important to me as an employer. Finally, I liked Arun, and if I look forward to sharing his company, then likely so will our team and customers too. I had confidence that he would add to our culture and ‘fit’ within our wider team, which has proven to be true. Since hiring Arun, I’ve come to consider him a good friend and valued team member. He is very well liked by many within our business and will not hesitate to do what needs to be done to get the best outcome for both our customers and our business.

“Arun thinks in a very analytical and clear manner, which appears to have been honed as a result of his academic background. He is thorough, detail orientated and quick to gain insights that others may miss or are slower to reach. This fast pace allows Arun to respond quickly in dynamic situations, and adapt to change where necessary. We have made provision for Arun’s study within his work commitments, however, he continues to fulfill all of his work responsibilities while juggling classes and assignments, which is a testament to both his work ethic and organisational skills.”

Jonathan Davison, Branch Manager, Mainfreight 2Home Auckland

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