Arti Anjana Singh

Arti Anjana Singh

Solutions Architect, Westpac New Zealand Limited
Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Sciences 
Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Business Information Systems

She is fascinated by how technology can be used by businesses to improve systems, processes and the way people work and live, says Arti Anjana Singh who now works as a solutions architect at Westpac New Zealand Limited.

“I work with our project and solution delivery teams, focusing on how technology can meet the business goals to provide the best customer outcome by designing patterns aligned to enterprise architecture standards.

Throughout these projects, I make choices and provide recommendations that impact the selection and use of technology, such as the best fit technology platform, deployment of solution components, how the technology solutions scale for the future and how the solution will integrate with other systems, as well as operationally maintaining the solution, risk and security assessments, and strategic alignment to the business.”

She is proud of what she has achieved in her career so far.

“I am proud of working in the solution architecture space. From the motivational stories I have come across, it’s a challenging path. The hunger to learn, deliver value and the ability to adapt to changes has led me to reach to this stage of my career. I’m proud of what I have achieved so far.”

Support and opportunities
Her time at university was full of highlights, says Arti who completed a Bachelor of Business at AUT in 2015 and a Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Sciences in 2020.

“The magical moments during my business degree were the friends I made, the supportive nature of the lecturers and the opportunity to be part of the AUT Accounting Association. Some of AUT’s classes invite industry professionals who provide real-life examples related to the topic of study. I also enjoyed completing the workplace experience, which is one of the core courses in AUT’s Bachelor of Business degree.

Another highlight were the information systems classes where we solved real industry issues with process and data analysis, improvement recommendations and made changes to the system patterns before submitting final reports. This helped us practise our theorical understanding.”

Being trusted by the students and lecturers to be part of the AUT Accounting Association executive team was a highlight for Arti.

“Being chosen to join the student-led association’s executive team really boosted my self-confidence, especially because I came to AUT from Fiji and had some gap years before starting university. This experience helped me develop my communication, leadership and presentation skills through the various activities run by the team.”

Advice for other students
Arti – who was on the Business School honours roll for her performance in the Quantitative Methods for Business course and was recognised for her performance in the information systems major – has some great advice for other students.

“While we study towards our chosen programme, the courses are structured in a manner that teaches us many soft skills like formal presentation, communication skills, research techniques, critical thinking and analysis, and constructive arguments. These skills are valuable when you’re starting your career as you’ll carry these skills to solve many problems, tackle challenges and exceed in what you’ve set out to do in your career.”

Her other piece of advice is to make the most of your time at university.

“A personal message from me is to seize the opportunities while you can, and take time out for the events organised, workshops and assignments to groom yourself for your career.”

*The Business Information Systems major is now called Information Systems.

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