Areej Khalil

Areej Khalil

Master of Engineering student

Studying at AUT International House was full of joy, excitement and new learnings, says Areej Khalil who came to New Zealand as an international student from Jordan. After completing the IELTS preparation course and GIE English language programme, she is now studying a Master of Engineering at AUT.

“I would definitely recommend studying at International House, mainly for the proficiency of the teaching staff here. The learning atmosphere motivates students to do their best. I was gifted to have Kate as my first teacher at International House, and she was full of fun, enthusiasm and professionalism.

“Learning alongside classmates from all over the world was one of the things that I enjoyed most. This helped me make good connection with people from Panama, Colombia and China. Although many of my classmates were from China, we used to speak in English all the time.”

Guidance for university study
The GIE programme is great preparation for starting university in New Zealand, Areej says,

“I would highly recommend doing the GIE programme before you’re starting your university studies. This programme was a baseline for me and it has guided me well. One of the things I have found most helpful was that the programme helped me learn how to write and speak professionally in English.”

Studying during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t always easy, she admits.

“I completed the GIE programme during the COVID-19 lockdown here in New Zealand, which was challenging. Even under normal circumstances, the GIE programme is harder than the IELTS preparation course and covers a lot of things. I’m very proud of overcoming these obstacles and successfully completing the programme.”

Obtaining new knowledge
She enjoys studying in New Zealand, says Areej who is now enrolled in a Master of Engineering at AUT, supported by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship.

“I enjoy that I’m learning how to do research and become a researcher, and I’m constantly learning new things every day. What I like about studying here is that the emphasis is on learning to educate ourselves and obtaining new knowledge; it’s not about competing with our classmates. This is the same attitude the teachers at AUT International House have.”

Expecting to complete her Master of Engineering in mid-2021, Areej already has a good idea about her next step.

“My plan is to go back to my country and work hard to implement the outcomes of my research in real life, and start an energy audit business there.”

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