Anzac Tasker

Anzac Tasker

Design Director, Designworks Ltd
Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours) with First Class Honours
Bachelor of Design in Communication Design

Te Whānau Ā Apanui

What he loves most about being a designer is the constant pursuit of the idea, says communication design alumnus Anzac Tasker who is now a design director at Designworks.

"The solution is often right under your nose, but finding it is never that simple. I enjoy the rush you get when you know you've landed on the right idea. As a designer, you're constantly pursuing the simple solution and it drives you to always challenge yourself."

Anzac first joined Designworks straight out of university, and he has since worked at Designworks' Auckland and Melbourne offices, with a stint at Frost*collective in Sydney in between.

"I've been part of a range of amazing projects for different clients and industries. I feel fortunate to be working in a place with such a range of diverse skillsets and a strong purpose of design. You have teachers everywhere, and we all teach each other and learn from each other. I enjoy the constant learning in such a creative environment."

A love of art
He has always had a passion for art and design, says Anzac.

"I come from an artistic family. My dad is a ceramics artist, and I grew up surrounded by his shaped clay. My mum is Māori, so I've also always been surrounded by Māori art. Growing up, I naturally fell into the creative mould. I loved architecture, painting, graphics and advertising. When it was time to decide what to study at university, design communication was a natural fit."

Anzac says he decided to apply to AUT based on a recommendation by his secondary school art teacher.

"When I was in secondary school, we had a great design culture at Northcote College. I was lucky to be surrounded by friends that shared a similar love for design. AUT was recommended to me by my art teacher at Northcote College, and that's why I decided to apply."

Becoming a design practitioner
It's a decision he hasn't regretted, says Anzac who completed his studies in 2009.

"My first year at AUT was an introduction to design, and it gave me a good understanding of different design elements. We explored the craft of typography, understanding contrast and composition, integrating graphics and photography, and learning to control how different elements interact and behave with each other.

"It was the year I gained an understanding of the craft of design, and the start of becoming a design practitioner. I'm still thankful for the academic staff at AUT's School of Art and Design, and many of them had quite an influence on my view of design."

He's always enjoyed the artistic approach to his design practice, says Anzac.

"I'm a big fan of art, and have long had an appreciation of design that communicates in an artistic way. For example, my honours-year project at AUT was not a classic graphic design project but a typography sculpture. While the subject was clearly design, the finished project was more of a sculpture piece, challenging the boundaries of what design was. It ended up winning the supreme gold award at the Best Awards that year, which was an honour."

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