Anthony Ngan

Anthony Ngan

Web Developer and Digital Marketing Support, iRefi Mortgages Ltd
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Computational Intelligence and Software Development
Certificate in Science and Technology

He had many highlights throughout his time at AUT, says computing alumnus Anthony Ngan.

“I chose to follow my passion at AUT because I wanted to learn about software development methodologies and artificial intelligence. One of my fondest memories was in my first year. In groups, we were instructed to build a model aeroplane, and got to use the 3D printers at AUT. We 3D printed parts and then constructed the plane – and it flew.

“The academic staff are superb and willing to help every step of the way. In the last year of study, students can also undertake a research and development project with an internal or external client. It serves as a true testament of the knowledge they gained during their studies and gives students opportunities to apply their knowledge to a real-life project.”

Creating better user experiences
After graduating at the end of 2017, Anthony now uses his web development skills to help iRefi Mortgages Ltd create good user experiences.

“At iRefi, we offer mortgage and insurance advice to people. What’s awesome about working there is seeing the technology being used to assist our advisers who can they provide the best solutions to our clients.”

He constantly draws on the skills he developed during his time at AUT.

“I use my programming skills every day to help maintain our website, which involves updating, enhancing and optimising the overall user experience.”

Advice for other students
Make the most of your time at university, Anthony advises other students.

“Use this opportunity to be curious, and apply yourself in extracurricular activities like student organisations, clubs and personal projects. Learning lots of theory is valuable; however, to stand out among the competition, build up a portfolio that consists of many projects and apps, so that you can present it to employers during job interviews.”

He would also recommend completing the AUT Edge Award, Anthony says.

“Consider signing up for the AUT Edge Award, which challenges students to develop skills in the areas of collaboration, co-operation, community, curiosity, communication and creativity. The team is very supportive and the personal growth throughout the programme is rewarding. I gained soft skills through volunteering activities, and learned about employability skills.”