Anne Mette Thestrup Frederiksen

Anne Mette Thestrup Frederiksen

Study Abroad student from Københavns Professionshøjskole, Denmark

Being able to explore nature was a key factor when Danish student Anne Mette Thestrup Frederiksen was choosing where to study for her Study Abroad semester.

“I really enjoy outdoor adventures and when I did my research before choosing a university, I looked for a country where I would be able to explore nature. New Zealand suited that well, and with a car it’s possible to see a lot of the country within a weekend.”

Anne Mette has certainly made the most of her time in Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city.

“I travelled around the North Island every single weekend, and saw all of the must-sees the North Island has to offer. In the mid-semester break and after the exams, I also explored the South Island. With new friends from AUT’s Study Abroad programme, I rented a campervan and drove around.

“I love the nature of New Zealand! One day you can swim with dolphins outside Auckland and the next day you can hike in the snow in the Southern Alps. And my absolute favourite activity is definitely hiking. I did many day hikes around lakes, costal walks, summit tracks and more. It’s an amazing way to see the country.”

New experiences
To study overseas is fantastic, says Anne Mette who is studying occupational therapy in her native Denmark and eventually hopes to work in post-stroke rehabilitation.

“I learned a lot from my Study Abroad semester and developed myself a lot. I found it very interesting to get inside knowledge about Māori culture, the New Zealand health system and more. AUT has a big health science faculty with multiple departments, and many interesting courses and papers.

“I enjoyed having classes with Kiwi students and take part in the discussions. It gives you a unique understanding of the culture and is a great chance to ask all sorts of questions.”

She would recommend AUT to other students considering studying in New Zealand.

“I would definitely recommend studying overseas, and at AUT you also have the opportunity to gain insight into Māori culture by taking a paper provided by the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development. The faculty does a great job of facilitating a community for international students. These people have definitely made AUT a unique place to be a Study Abroad student, and I don’t believe this can be found elsewhere in the world.”

Making friends
Anne Mette’s advice for other students thinking of studying in New Zealand is to apply for the student accommodation close to AUT.

“This definitely is the best way to meet people. I lived in the AUT student accommodation at the North Campus, right next to where many of the health programmes are taught. This meant that I had less than 50 metres to get to my classes.

“The accommodation was like a little village. I enjoyed chilling in my flat with my Kiwi flatmates and I had a really good relationship with my neighbours. From the campus I could also take the AUT shuttlebus to get to the AUT City Campus, which is right in Auckland’s CBD.”

Living in student accommodation also makes it easy to make new friends when you’re studying far away from home, she says.

“At times, it was challenging to live so far from my friends and family. But living in the accommodation and attending social events made it easy to make new friends. There were many activities arranged for residents at the student accommodation, and it was easy to meet new people.”

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