Angie Sun

Angie Sun

Resolution Coordinator, FairWay Resolution
Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution

There has been conflict all throughout history, whether between nations or on a personal level, says Angie Sun who studied a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution with a minor in social sciences.

“I was interested in studying conflict resolution because I thought it was an important skill to have. This is a skill that will withstand any technological development or changes to the job market. What I loved most about my studies was that a big part of the learning was sharing and exploring ideas with other people. The smaller, interactive classes made it easy to connect with likeminded people and approach the lecturers.”

The workplace experience  in the final year of her degree set her up well for the future, Angie says.

“This helped me bridge the gap between what I had learnt and how it applies in the real world. It wasn’t just about going out and finding work experience; AUT set you up beforehand with the skills to be able to find the right role. I now work for the same company I did my workplace experience through.”

Helping families through stressful times
As a resolution coordinator for FairWay Resolution, Angie helps families through the mediation process.

“The majority of my work is with parents who have separated and need to organise care arrangements for their children. It’s often a stressful time for them, so my role is to ensure that they’re supported through the process. I’m really passionate about the service we provide. Traditionally, if people have problems they need to resolve, it involves lawyers, court and expensive fees. My work is a refreshing alternative to that because it helps families work together so they can maintain their relationship.

“What’s particularly fascinating about my role is that I always start off with listening to both sides of the story. Each parent has a particular view on what they want and why. Often it’s hard to see at first how these people will ever get to an agreement, however the skills of a mediator can lead to an end result all parties are happy with.”

Angie says she credits her time at AUT for helping her find such a rewarding career path.

“I wouldn’t have known that this career path existed if I hadn’t studied at AUT. What I’ve learnt has also changed the way I think about problems. In my role, it’s important to not just empathise with someone’s perspective but really understand the underlying reasons behind it. AUT has made me better at critical thinking to grasp these quite complex issues.”

Advice for other students
Angie has some great advice for other students thinking about studying at AUT.

“I truly experienced the most growth in my learning at AUT because I was exposed to so many new ideas. It made me really excited about the future and all the different things that were out there. My advice for future students is to keep an open mind about the things being taught, and use the many ideas being covered to find the things you’re particularly passionate about.”

Studying at AUT isn’t just about turning up to lectures, she adds.

“The employability and careers service was amazing. They have tips on writing CVs, how to find work, interview tips and will even look through your CV for you. It was an excellent service to help students transition from learning to building a career.”

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