Angelitsa Nekelo

Angelitsa Nekelo

Graduate Accountant, KPMG
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Accounting
Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance

Throughout her time at AUT she found inspiration and support in her peers and lecturers, says Angelitsa Nekelo who is now working as a graduate accountant for KPMG.

“I felt a strong sense of community and belonging at AUT, especially seeing Pacific representation throughout all levels of the university. I felt especially encouraged to succeed after seeing lecturers like Dr Agnes Masoe commit time and effort towards her students’ development and achievement. It’s easy to feel motivated to succeed when you have such inspirational people in your corner.

“The smaller-sized workshops we had at AUT helped to create a comfortable environment where I felt confident in participating amongst my peers. I’ve also enjoyed the support systems in place at AUT, specifically those tailored to Māori or Pacific students. At university it can be easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed, so I’m thankful for the opportunities and support offered throughout my undergraduate degree and into my honours.”

Now working at KPMG, Angelitsa enjoys being able to support other Māori and Pacific students.

“I’m currently working as a graduate accountant at KPMG, and plan to become a qualified chartered accountant. Here at KPMG, I’m also a co-leader and mentor in the KIWA programme, which provides mentorship and support to Māori and Pacific tertiary students interested in a corporate career. This is something I feel a sense of pride in doing, as it allows me to support the community that has helped me.”

Standing out
After completing her Bachelor of Business in 2018, Angelitsa decided to continue her studies with a Bachelor of Business (Honours).

“I’ve always viewed the honours programme as a way to stand out among other graduates. The programme forced me to think in different ways, and I found myself learning and performing beyond what I had previously felt I was capable of. I genuinely believe that the honours programme has enabled me to graduate with more confidence in my skills.

“For my honours research I investigated the accountability of charities through social media. It interests me to look at alternative applications of social media platforms from an accounting perspective. Receiving the AUT Postgraduate Scholarship also enabled me to present my work at the 2019 Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference. Sharing my research with a room full of PhD candidates and professors has been one of the most terrifying yet rewarding experiences I’ve had.”

Angelitsa’s honours degree research was supervised by Dr Agnes Masoe and Dr Peni Fukofuka from the AUT Business School.

Advice for other students
Take advantage of every opportunity, Angelitsa advises other students.

“My advice for other students is to take advantage of the support and facilities in place at AUT. There are so many different opportunities and assistance being offered, and it’s your responsibility as a student to access these systems. Be proactive and seek them out.”

Her other piece of advice is to stop comparing yourself with other students.

“You’re on your own journey, and comparing yourself with others is toxic and not worth your time.”

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