Andrew Fegan

Andrew Fegan

Sales Manager for NZ, Indonesia, Vietnam and India, DJO Global
Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy)

Studying physiotherapy was the natural choice for him, says Andrew Fegan who came to AUT to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy).

“I always had a strong interest in health science and played competitive sports, so a degree in physiotherapy was a good fit for me.”

The clinical placements that are a key part of the physiotherapy degree were a highlight for Andrew.

“The clinical placements provided invaluable life and work experience, even though at the time it wasn’t always easy to juggle study and full-time clinical work. During my final placement I spent time in theatre, watching orthopaedic surgery. This was my first exposure to the medical device industry where I observed medical sales reps assisting the surgeons. This certainly planted the seed for my career now.”

Striving to make a positive impact
Since graduating from AUT, Andrew is now a regional sales manager for DJO Global, a world leader in orthopaedic products for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy.

“DJO Global manufactures rehabilitation products, and we supply these to hospitals and clinicians around the world. As a regional sales manager, I lead sales and marketing activities in New Zealand and in our developing health markets in Asia. This involves travelling both domestically and internationally to meet with our customers.

“A career in the medical device industry wasn’t something I thought my physiotherapy degree could lead to. I enjoy using my clinical knowledge in a business context to educate our customers on new and innovative treatments. Being able to relate to a wide range of people and solve problems are key skills from my physiotherapy degree that translate well to business.”

He has had plenty of highlights throughout his career so far.

“In my current role I’ve been awarded prizes for outstanding business development across Australasia. However, what I’m most proud of is when our team successfully implements new products and treatment protocols that improve patient outcomes. Our mission is to positively impact the most people possible in our role.”

Advice for other students
Andrew, who graduated in 2015, has some great advice for other students thinking about a career in physiotherapy.

“A career in physiotherapy is diverse and can lead to multiple career options in the health sector. Work hard and keep an open mind to the different learning opportunities. You might end up doing something very different to what you study, but a university degree provides great skills for the real world.”

Finding a like-minded study group is essential for success, he adds.

“This will enable you to learn from and teach others, which is the best way to learn new concepts, especially in the physiotherapy degree which has a strong practical component.”

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