Andrew Cho

Andrew Cho

Product & Brand Designer, Mighway
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Digital Media

The workplace experience that is part of AUT’s communications degree was a key reason he decided to study at AUT, says digital media alumnus Andrew Cho.

“I chose this degree because I knew that the Bachelor of Communication Studies at AUT is very well-known and includes workplace experience as part of your study.

“One of the things I enjoyed most was the Digital Media Project paper in my final year. This was our final practical assignment, and our group was working for Te Papa museum to show them how technology and innovation can create a more engaging experience for their audience. I learned so much from this project.”

Designed for change
This workplace experience is one of many ways AUT prepares students for the changing world, Andrew says.

“AUT consistently reviews itself to create innovative change. AUT is not afraid of criticism and will explore anything they find curious, or step up to a challenge. This drive of always being able to adapt to new ideas is what makes AUT the university for the changing world.”

Being surrounded by others who are just as passionate about communications and digital media was a highlight of his studies, Andrew says.

“Being able to meet peers who have the same passion as I do was a highpoint. It makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger, and it’s enjoyable to be able to progress through your degree together.”

Creating better user experiences
After graduating at the end of last year, Andrew now enjoys creating better user experiences for anyone renting a motorhome through Mighway, which is part of Tourism Holdings Ltd.

“My main focus is to take ownership of user experience, under the direction of the head of the Brand & Customer team, and design user interface components according to feature specifications required by stakeholders.

“I absolutely love waking up every day being able to work in a role I’m passionate about. User experience and user interface design was something I really enjoyed in my degree, so for my first job to be in that field was amazing.”

The skills he developed through AUT influence how he works now, Andrew says.

“I’m always trying to learn new techniques and styles to create something interesting. At AUT I learned how innovation is. While being innovative takes an array of skills, one of them is believing in what you do. It drives you to make a difference in your organisation, industry or community, and be a pioneer.”

Employer comment

“Andrew had a broad range of skills and solid technical comprehension that is perfect for a start-up like Mighway. It was immediately apparent that Andrew’s personality was a great culture fit for our business, and I could sense he’d be able to pick things up quickly. Mighway is a tech start-up, so Andrew’s Bachelor of Communication Studies in Digital Media has been ideal in understanding digital media channels, and contributed a great deal to our multi-channel digital marketing strategy. “It’s important in a start-up work environment to have a diverse range of capabilities. We wanted someone who could liaise between software engineers and key business stakeholders, be a designer and a creative thinker. But perhaps the most important thing was technical capability, someone who could understand or quickly learn systems, softwares and processes to keep the business moving.”

Jason Nockels, Head of Brand and Marketing, Mighway