Amritpal Kaur

Amritpal Kaur

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronics Engineering

Engineering and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, says engineering student Amritpal (Amrit) Kaur.

“I’ve always had a creative mindset, and am looking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by technology to come up with a new product and bring it to market. I believe that doing a minor in creative entrepreneurship will equip me with entrepreneurial skills, and my major will give me the technical skills I need to achieve this goal.”

Currently in the third year of her degree, Amrit has already demonstrated plenty of entrepreneurial skills, having founded the AUT STEM Women club last year.

“I wanted to bring together women from different fields and programmes in science, technology, engineering and maths to help them connect with others and develop the all-important soft skills. My goal is create a tight community for women in STEM subjects across AUT to enable us to support each other.”

Creating career-ready graduates
AUT focuses on equipping students with essential skills for their future career, says Amrit.

“AUT recognises the changing needs of employers and is preparing its students for that. One example of this is the AUT Edge Award, which enables students to develop the C skills that are highly sought after by employers – collaboration, co-operation, community, curiosity, communication and creativity. This ensures that AUT graduates are well-rounded when they finish university.”

The group assignments have been a highlight of her studies, she adds.

“I really enjoy group assignments as they allow me to think creatively and come up with a solution to existing problems. Team assignments give everyone the opportunity to thrive and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s great preparation for your career because as an engineer you constantly work in a team.”

Finding her path
She would highly recommend studying mechatronics to other students, Amrit says.

“If you enjoy learning a bit of everything then I highly recommend mechatronics as it gives you a taste of all the different fields of engineering. You’ll come out with knowledge in more than one field, which will expand your horizon and enable you to see the opportunities.

“I initially enrolled in mechanical engineering, but after finishing my first year I realised that I wanted to extend my knowledge in other fields of engineering as well. That’s why I decided to major in mechatronics. Don’t feel that you’ll be locked into what you enrol in; you can change majors if you need to.”