Amos Foong

Amos Foong

Student, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
Certificate in Science and Technology

Technology influences the way people communicate, learn and think, says Amos Foong who is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences.

“I believe the management of information is essential for the progression of society. Studying computer and information sciences enables me to develop the fundamental skills required to engineer robust information systems, and help the world become more productive.”

Amos’ university journey started with enrolling in the Certificate in Science and Technology and he already has an eye on postgraduate study.

“I studied the Certificate in Science and Technology to gain University Entrance and prepare myself for the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences. Making new friends and being introduced to the university environment was most exciting. Being in a collaborative learning environment allowed me to share my interests with others and innovate together.

“Following my bachelor’s degree, I plan to pursue a Master of Computer and Information Sciences, specialising in software development. Eventually, I’d like to have a career as a software engineer, developing software for the justice and healthcare sectors.”

The road to success
He has enjoyed his studies so far, says Amos who is in his second year year of his Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences.

“I have the fondest memories of working with my classmates, writing programs, and studying the history and science behind computers. Collaborating with my classmates vastly enhanced my communication skills, and developing programs improved my ability to think strategically. Learning about computer-related concepts also helped me turn my interest in computers into a passion.”

Amos says he would highly recommend AUT’s computing degree to other students.

“I would definitely recommend this degree. The road to success begins with AUT. I think that AUT has the best resources for engineering, computing and mathematics, and AUT’s pragmatic and holistic approach offers students greater insight into the different disciplines.”

Advice for other students
Amos has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to ask questions, be proactive with your studies, follow your passion, join student clubs, make new friends, have a balanced lifestyle and, most importantly, have lots of fun!”

There’s plenty of support available if you need it, he adds.

“When I was going through some personal issues, AUT’s Counselling and Mental Health team, the Malaysian Student Association and the gym all provided me with plenty of encouragement and support.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, AUT, its staff and my classmates have also been very helpful in creating a virtual environment conducive to learning. It made online learning no different from the traditional approach; very stimulating and engaging.”

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