Alysha Moore

Alysha Moore

Primary Teacher, Willow Park School
Bachelor of Education (Primary Pasifika Teaching)

Her own experiences of primary school inspired Alysha Moore to become a primary teacher herself and make an impact on the next generation.

“When I look back on my time as a primary student, I know that my teachers taught me more than reading, writing, and maths. They taught me how to be who I am, and that who I am is okay.

“They, along with my whānau and friends, made me feel like I had value. I wanted to help children feel that too.”

Prepared to create change
Her studies at AUT helped her become the teacher she is today, the education alumna says.

“The staff and students of AUT recognised me for the kind of student I was, clearly understood the professional environment I was to enter in three years, and gave me all the resources I needed to get there. I started at AUT unsure of myself and my place in the world, and I graduated knowing that I could create change in education.”

“Throughout my three years at AUT, I made lifelong friendships and professional connections with staff and other students. These relationships have been, and continue to be, amazingly helpful within study and as a full-time teacher. The sense of whānau from AUT hasn’t left me at all.”

Having many opportunities to get hands-on teaching experience was a highlight of her studies.

“To actually be the teacher and to get a real taste of the professional path I’m pursuing has been instrumental in figuring out what kind of teacher I want to be. AUT gave me so many of these opportunities; scaffolding me so that I was challenged, but never overwhelmed.”

Laughter and lightbulb moments
After graduating in 2018, Alysha has now fulfilled her dream to become a primary school teacher, and is currently teaching Year 5 students at Willow Park School.

She loves interacting with the children, Alysha says.

“There’s constant laughter and fun in my job. I’m always learning from my students; they make me think and look at things differently. My students have this ability to turn my day around and make me excited to come to work.

“Little learning moments pop up throughout the day. I live for those ‘lightbulb’ moments in my job. When a student finally understands something that they were struggling with, they light up with such joy that they’ve learnt something new. It’s amazing to see these kids flourish in front of my eyes, and better yet; I played a part in it.”

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