Alice Alipour

Alice Alipour

Solicitor, Shieff Angland Lawyers
Bachelor of Laws

The variety is what she loves most about her career in law, says Alice Alipour who now works at commercial law firm Shieff Angland Lawyers.

“We specialise in commercial, property and litigation services, and I enjoy the fact that I learn something new every day. I work in the commercial and employment litigation team, and currently assist the litigators in preparing pleadings, drafting affidavits and briefs of evidence. I also draft interesting articles in relation to new developments in the law.”

She says she constantly draws on the knowledge she developed through her AUT law degree.

“AUT’s practical teaching method has enabled me to communicate with the partners effectively. The competitions I completed while I was a law student at AUT have also helped me develop my client interviewing skills. These skills are essential for my career now.”

Choosing AUT
After initially studying law at another university, Alice transferred to AUT based on a recommendation from her brother.

“My brother was enrolled at AUT at the time, and told me about the friendly environment and the close contact with lecturers. That really appealed to me, so I decided to transfer to the AUT Law School.”

She is glad she made that decision, Alice says.

“I appreciated the close relationship with the academics, the friendly students, practical teaching methods and all the cool competitions you could participate in. The things we covered in class are all relevant to today’s society. We dealt with issues that are important now and that we would likely encounter once we’re in the workforce.”

Advice for other students
Alice has some great advice for other students.

“Take a variety of papers and don’t put pressure on yourself to choose your area of legal practice too early in your degree. A paper may take you by surprise, and you may end up practising in an area that you think you never would.

“Study hard, but don’t forget to also have some fun while you’re at university.”

Employer comment

“We hire graduates who not only have good degrees but who impress us with their range of life experience and interpersonal skills. Alice had the makings of what it takes to be a great lawyer: intelligence and the ability to problem-solve complex legal issues, as well as tenacity, hard work and good EQ. Our cultural fit is very important to us, so we need someone who will work well in our team, be a positive contributor and in time become a good networker for gathering new business. Alice is exceeding our expectations and proving to be an excellent hire.

“An understanding of how a law office works is a definite plus, while a broad degree with strong achievement is a necessity. Extracurricular activities that demonstrate that the person has a wide range of skills are important, and some form of service to the community is an advantage.”

Kalev Crossland, Partner, Shieff Angland Lawyers