Alexey Botkov

Alexey Botkov

Art Lead, Joy Business Academy
Master of Creative Technologies
Bachelor of Design in Digital Design

Art and technology have always been his passions, says AUT alumnus Alexey Botkov who completed a Bachelor of Design in Digital Design as well as a Master of Creative Technologies.

“I’ve always been into art, but with major interests in computers and technology. When I was graduating from college, I had a choice to go into fine arts or pursue my passion in digital creative fields. I chose art and design because it aligned more closely with what I had in mind for my future at the time.

“When I was starting university, back in 2007, there weren’t that many universities offering a digital arts programme. AUT had just then introduced the Bachelor of Design in Digital Design and it was a perfect match for me.”

Nurturing entrepreneurial ideas
A few years down the track, Alexey had successfully completed his design degree and was enjoying his career in the VFX industry and in game production. But when he and his friends came up with a promising business idea, he was drawn back to AUT for further study.

“Around 2014, my friends and I had a project brewing which went on to become a full-time business venture. When an opportunity opened up for me to study AUT’s Master of Creative Technologies, I decided to pursue full-time study while bootstrapping an indie game development gig.

“My Master of Creative Technologies research ended up being a natural extension of the business my friends and I were starting. It offered a critical perspective on that process, which allowed me to analyse what we were doing, our processes, the artefacts and networks we built, and my own alignment as a creative practitioner, all from the perspective of a researcher.”

His master’s degree helped him grow as a person and as a creative professional, Alexey says.

“I would give it credit for helping me expand my understanding of the landscape of my craft and my own creative, procedural and ethical frameworks around business, management, production, crafting, marketing and the creation of digital content.”

Pursuing your vision of the future
A programme like the Master of Creative Technologies is all about contextualising your creative passions and practices, Alexey says.

“It’s about having the space, resources and guidance to pursue your personal version of the future. We have this exponential explosion of technology and connectivity, which just in the last few years birthed self-driving cars, machine learning, gene editing and reusable space rockets, and who knows what else is coming next.

“The Master of Creative Technologies is a perfect space to reconnect our human selves to this renaissance where a language for these things can be developed by young creatives with unique perspectives.”

The community of peers is what he enjoyed most about his studies, says Alexey who is now the art lead at Joy Business Academy, where he is responsible for art pipelines and the technical integration of visuals for a number of mobile and VR learning experiences.

“My experience was being surrounded by a lot of smart and creative people who knew something I didn’t in fields I wasn’t familiar with. The creative energy of people who are passionate about what they’re doing and are willing to challenge and be challenged is literal mind fuel.”

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