Alex Tae Kim

Alex Tae Kim

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management student

He has always been passionate about the hospitality industry, especially luxurious hotels, says Alex Tae Kim who is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management.

“I would definitely recommend the Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management. The programme is very demanding and challenging, and provides the student with a huge academic development.

“If you’ve decided to study at AUT, I guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to learn and spend time with highly qualified professors and have the chance to meet people from all around the world. Every penny spent will be worth it.”

A launchpad for hospitality careers
His studies provide a sound foundation for his future career says Alex who is planning to look for a job in a finance department within the hospitality industry once he graduates later this year.

“I don’t believe that institutions themselves build successful people, but I strongly believe that a good and recognised institution like AUT can provide knowledge through exceptional lectures, which will prepare students to stand out from the crowd.”

The approachability of the academic staff is what Alex has enjoyed most about his studies.

“At every appointment, I’ve had with lecturers to discuss my assignments, each lecturer has made me feel very welcome. I could see the effort the academic staff put in to help me.”

A new life in New Zealand
Alex was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated with his family to Brazil when he was four years old. He lived in São Paulo for the past 28 years, and came to Auckland in 2018.

“I personally love Auckland. It’s a mixture of a big and busy city, and calm and peaceful countryside.”

AUT makes it easy for international students to adjust to life and study in a new country, Alex says.

“From the first day of class, the university provides such a good guidance system for students that it’s hard to ‘get lost’. I haven’t faced any real challenges since starting my studies here.”

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