Ajantha Velayutham

Ajantha Velayutham

Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Master of Business in Accounting

The disclosure of supply chain information has gained a lot of attention, says Ajantha Velayutham who is currently completing his PhD in accounting.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on supply chains at the conceptual, national and global levels; creating an interest in the disclosure of supply chain information.

“For my PhD, I’m investigating the disclosure of supply chain information, including the effects of supply chain structure on this disclosure, the extent and type of supply chain information disclosed by companies, and the effects on shareholders and investors. This research will create greater financial resilience within companies and their supply chains and help companies understand the benefits of disclosing supply chain information. Shareholders and investors will likely also push for greater disclosure of such information. Additionally, it will highlight avenues for future research in academia.”

Ajantha’s PhD research is supervised by Professor Asheq Rahman and Associate Professor Anil Narayan.

A passion for academia
He has long dreamt of a career in academia, says Ajantha who completed his Master of Business in Accounting at AUT in 2017 and then decided to enrol in a PhD.

“I’ve always had a passion for teaching and becoming a lecturer, and after completing my master’s degree I also developed a love of the research aspect. The Doctor of Philosophy degree gives me the opportunity to undertake in-depth research in an area of my choosing; knowledge I’ll be able to transfer to future students in accounting.”

Hoping to complete his doctoral degree in 2023, he already has a good idea how he sees his future.

“After the completion of my PhD, I aim to become a lecturer in accounting at AUT, with the ultimate aim of becoming a professor. My combined passion for teaching and research will have me in good stead to advance accounting knowledge and pass on my knowledge to accounting students and leaders.”

The right environment for a PhD
The supportive university environment has been one of the highlights of Ajantha’s studies so far.

“I’ve enjoyed the close-knit academic environment of the accounting department at AUT. I’ve appreciated that there’s a willingness to get new postgraduate students exposed to teaching, research collaboration and publishing papers as soon as possible and to get students involved in departmental events.

“In my studies so far, I’ve already had the opportunity to present my research at the ARA Conference in 2020, which was held at AUT, and that presentation was subsequently published in a top academic journal. I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate on research with AUT academic staff.”

He would highly recommend doing a PhD at AUT, Ajantha says.

“The research done by academic staff at the AUT Business School focuses on relevant and topical issues, and this experience flows down to postgraduate students. The PhD itself as well as the supervisors and academic staff motivate students to be all-rounders in teaching and research.”

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