Disability support services

If you have a disability or impairment, our Disability Support team can support you to participate as fully as you can in learning.

Tell us about your disability when you apply

Tell us about your disability or impairment when you apply to study at AUT. When you are enrolled we will contact you by email to find out more information and to discuss the support you’ll need.

Telling us about your disability will not impact on your application to study – it just means we can help you to access the support you need at the right time.

How we identify the support you need

We’ll invite you to a needs assessment interview so we can work with you to identify the support you need during your studies.

To make sure we can give you access to resources you might need, we’ll need to see documents that verify your disability or impairment. We’ll tell you what documents we’ll need before your interview.

If you haven’t been diagnosed as having a disability or impairment, we’ll refer you to a professional support team, who will carry out the diagnosis.

Needs assessment interviews and verifying your impairment or disability (student website)

Types of support we may offer

Some types of support we may offer you include:

  • Sign language interpreting
  • Loop systems, digital recorders and SmartPens
  • Training on different software systems or technology
  • Assistive technology like screen readers, magnifiers and specialised software
  • Making arrangements for exams (like extra time, readers and writers, separate rooms)
  • Parking information including: mobility spaces on campus, parking costs and locations, financial help to pay for parking costs
  • Campus accessibility maps and information
  • Talking with your lecturers or programme leaders

Types of support for AUT students (student website)

AUT’s commitment to the equity code of practice

We are committed to equity of access and opportunity for students, staff and visitors. AUT supports the principles of Kia Ōrite: Code of Practice for an inclusive tertiary environment, which enables students with impairments to achieve fully.

Kia Ōrite Code of Practice (ACHIEVE website)

Contact us

Need help or have a question? Get in touch with the Disability Support team.

We use New Zealand Relay

We use New Zealand Relay to help Deaf, hearing impaired, speech impaired and Deafblind people when contacting us.

More about disability support

You'll find more details about Disability Support Services and how we can support you on our student website.

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