Counselling and mental health support

At AUT all domestic and international students can get free, confidential counselling sessions and mental health support.

Counsellors are based at all of our campuses. You can also get help from our mental health advisors.

Topics you can talk about

At these sessions you can talk about any topics – study-related or personal, like:

  • Relationships
  • Strong moods – depression, grief, stress or anxiety, for example
  • Behaviours that cause problems, like addictions, or irregular eating or sleeping)
  • Identity
  • Personal safety concerns

Support groups on campus

Our Counselling and Mental Health team runs groups to help support you while you're a student here. Some groups focus on helping you with specific issues, like managing anxiety or going through relationship difficulties. Others are for certain groups of people – like postgraduate or rainbow students.

These groups give you the chance to learn skills to manage stress and to find out about other services and support AUT offers.

Urgent help in a mental health crisis

If you need help in a mental health crisis you should call:

  • Community Mental Health Urgent Response team: 0800 800 717
  • In an emergency, you should call 111

After-hours support

For support outside regular hours you can call:

Contact us

If you’re a current student, check Student Hub Online for more information or drop in to WB level 2, City Campus.

Phone us on 09 921 9292.

Free call or text 1737 to talk

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