AUT is pleased to bring you Te Kōrau, a wānanga-based business development programme that equips aspiring rakahinonga (entrepreneurs) with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn an idea, talent, or passion into a sustainable business venture.

Learn awesome kaipakihi (business) skills in a supportive whānau environment that will awhi and tautoko you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

Why Te Kōrau?

Using the successful and internationally proven CO.STARTERS, a programme that helps to validate ideas and build a sustainable business, Te Kōrau weaves in Māori worldviews and narratives. It places business success within Te Ao Māori by understanding that our tikanga and environment mean we operate and prioritise different values and protocols within our businesses.

Who is Te Kōrau for?

Do you have an idea that you’d like to take further? A business that’s ready for launch? A business that’s ready for growth? Are you creative or skilled, but don’t know how to utilise that for profit or run it as a business?

Do you want to solve a problem and make a difference in your community? Are you in touch with your Māori culture, or wanting to learn and hold values of whānau? Are you mindful of the wider Māori community in regards to your Marae, Hapū and Iwi?

Wherever you’re at on that journey, Te Kōrau can help.

What you get out of the Te Kōrau CO.STARTERS programme

  • Whakamanawa / confidence and a deeper understanding of how to create and operate a sustainable business
  • Identifying whether or not an idea is good and how to change it to make it work
  • The āheinga / ability to articulate what your business does and how it works
  • The next steps needed to move forward
  • A whānau-like community of peers, mentors, business services and a national network of support
  • An awhi/tautoko (safe, embracing, supportive) environment to
    learn in
  • Designed for aspiring and seasoned rakahinonga (entrepreneurs)
  • Access to possible mentors
  • Insight into available funding for Maori entrepreneurs

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