Private accommodation

Finding accommodation in Auckland, and near to AUT, can be difficult if you don’t already live here. This information describes flat-sharing (shared living in a privately rented property) and other accommodation options.

AUT has not inspected or endorsed the accommodation options described on this page. You must contact the provider directly for details or more information.

Accommodation types

The type of accommodation you choose might depend on your budget and how long you want to stay.

Some types of popular accommodation include:

  • Apartments and houses
  • Homestays (living with a family)
  • Backpackers and hostels
  • Student accommodation

Choosing accommodation

You should think about:

  • How long you need to stay (short-term or long-term – a semester or longer?)
  • If you want to live by yourself or with other people
  • How close you want to be to shops and transport
  • How much it will cost you to travel to AUT

Short-term accommodation may be a good option if you are new to Auckland and want somewhere to stay while you settle in and look for longer-term accommodation.

Long-term accommodation is more cost-effective. You should expect to pay a ‘bond’ (security deposit) and some rent in advance. You get your bond back at the end of your stay if you leave the property in good condition.

Long-term accommodation for either a semester or a full academic year is more cost effective while living in Auckland. Expect to pay a bond (typically two-four weeks of rent), and also one week's rent (or more) in advance. The bond is returned to you at the end of your stay as long as the property is in a clean and tidy condition.

Accommodation close to City Campus

Accommodation close to North Campus

Accommodation close to South Campus

Are you new to Auckland and have not yet managed to secure accommodation? We recommend a short-term option such as a backpackers or youth hostel. These give you time to get settled into Auckland while you look for somewhere suitable to live longer term.

Backpackers and youth hostels in central Auckland

A homestay is a great option if you would prefer to experience living in a Kiwi household with a family.

You are provided with a home-cooked meal every day and integrate into a family. Most students who live with families find this a great way to experience New Zealand culture.

(Some families may have pets so if this is something you would prefer not to have then you can express this request on your application form).

Please note: AUT recommends that International Students who are under 18 years old who are not living with their parents or a designated caregiver should live in a homestay.

Contact the following organisations directly if you are interested in living with a New Zealand family.

Real estate agents

  • Renting your own private apartment or house is suitable for students who want to live on their own, or for postgraduate students who need accommodation that is suitable for a family.
  • Keep in mind that most rentals in central Auckland are very expensive. Suburbs are slightly cheaper but you should consider what the daily transport costs will be to AUT.
  • When looking for accommodation you should only use a real estate agency that is registered with the Real Estate Institute of NZ (REINZ). If the agent and the property manager representing the real estate agency is not a member we do not recommend you use them.
  • Find a real estate agent here.
  • For more information about REINZ and their Rules and Code of Ethics check out their website.


Living in a homestay can be a great way to experience New Zealand culture. You live with a family in their home, so you can expect to take part in Kiwi life and improve your English.

International students under 18 must live in a homestay if they will not be living with their parents or a designated caregiver.

Host Families NZ website
International Homestays Ltd website

Flat-sharing or ‘flatting’

Sharing a flat or house with other people – ‘flatting’ – is a good option if you’ve completed your first year or want to live independently.

Before you go flatting, you’ll need to consider the kind of flat you want and what you can afford.

Think about things like:

  • Paying for upfront costs, like rent in advance and the ‘bond’ (security deposit)
  • Transport costs and times to get to your classes
  • Insurance – like contents insurance
  • Costs for things like food, electricity, internet and other bills – how will you share them?
  • The type of flat you want to live in, and who you want to share it with

There are lots of websites that can give you information around how to choose a flat, what you need to consider, your legal rights and responsibilities, and how to budget. Some are listed below.

Websites with more advice and information about flatting

Flatting 101 (Tenancy Services website)

Going flatting and managing your money (Sorted website)

Citizens Advice Bureau website

Websites to find a flat website

Nzflatmates website

Contact the Student Hub

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