Tek Tjing Lie


Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

In this era when humanity is re-examining how it uses the earth’s resources,  Professor Tek Tjing Lie’s field of specialisation, power system engineering, is highly relevant to all people. Even more topical are his areas of special interest - renewable energy and smart grids with a focus on finding ways of integrating non-renewable and renewable energy resources for optimum performance.

Professor Lie did his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in electrical engineering at Oklahoma State University and Michigan State University where he was a research associate. He went on to become a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and came to AUT University in 2008. He supervises a number of postgraduate students (including PhDs) on topics ranging from the control applications in power systems to pricing and impacts of wind power generation in the deregulated electricity market environment.

Professor Lie has regularly attracted external funding for projects with industry such as work on using high temperature super conductive materials for electricity transformers. Benefits of this would be little loss of electricity, low noise, and the transformers would be smaller, more compact and safe from fire hazard. Another project has been the development of a model for day to day electricity trading – highly relevant in a deregulated market such as New Zealand.

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