Mark Boocock

Mark Boocock

Professor of Physiotherapy / Ergonomics
School of Clinical Sciences

Getting up before dawn to follow rubbish trucks around the city is just one of the things that demonstrates Professor Mark Boocock’s commitment to research. When it comes to analysing work systems, nothing is better than being there while the work is being done.

As leader of ergonomics and human factors studies at the Health & Rehabilitation Research Institute at AUT, Professor Boocock is passionate about ergonomics and wants to expand people’s understanding of the role it plays. This extends beyond the micro view of an office desk and chair, and into the wider working environment.

With expertise in medical physics, epidemiology and rehabilitation medicine, Professor Boocock and his research team are focused on harmonising the work systems and activities of daily living – to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, as well as the efficiency, quality and performance of work systems.

He advocates the value of multi-disciplinary teams, particularly when examining complex work environments. And, his efforts to bring together service providers, potential users, health and safety advisors, engineers, product designers, ergonomists and other experts, speaks to the quality of the research produced.

Professor Boocock is a member, past president and past treasurer of the New Zealand Ergonomics Society (NZES), as well as a professional member of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors UK. Together with Dr Felicity Lamm, he was responsible for establishing the multidisciplinary Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Research (COHSR) – New Zealand's only multidisciplinary centre dedicated to promoting quality research on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) related themes.

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