Krishnamachar Prasad

Prasad Krishnamachar

Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Growing up with access to nothing more than logarithmic tables and slide rules, Professor Krishnamachar Prasad became fascinated by electronics when he first encountered the calculator and its ability to perform complex scientific and mathematic calculations.

Pursuing his interest, he enrolled in electrical engineering at the University of Bangalore and through post-graduate studies at IIT Madras and the University of Western Australia gained wide exposure to microelectronics, an area where he has been research active for more than 30 years. He has published over 150 papers in peer reviewed international journals and conferences.

Professor Prasad’s work focuses on the development and reliability of novel interconnects in conventional and three-dimensional integrated circuits. He has worked extensively on the technology development and characterisation of a variety of silicon and compound semiconductor devices including materials such as Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) for applications in night vision systems.

His research now focuses on the development of solid state sensors for odour, colour and chemical profiling. Such sensors could scientifically determine, for example, whether wine has aged adequately for bottling, fish is fresh or drinking water is safe for consumption. His ultimate aim is to develop a low-cost, mobile miniature sensor device that consumers could use in everyday situations such as making sure fries are cooked in oil that hasn’t gone off or food is free of MSG or other harmful additives.

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