Keith Tudor


Professor of Psychotherapy
Head of School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies
School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies

It was Professor Keith Tudor’s own experience of personal therapy that first stirred his interest in becoming a practitioner – and it was his later experience of psychotherapy training that inspired him to become an educator and trainer himself.

Today, he inspires students to develop their own interests in psychotherapy theory and practice, transactional analysis, and, more broadly, humanistic psychology.

Professor Tudor is Professor of Psychotherapy, and Head of the School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies at AUT. In this dual role, he particularly enjoys continuing academic supervision and research in the field of psychotherapy – and having an influence in shaping a vision and direction for the school.

A long-time researcher, his current research focus is on critical approaches to psychotherapy, and radical therapy. He is certified both as a Transactional Analyst and, as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, is also a Teaching Member of the International Association of Transactional Analysis. He is also an Associate Member of Waka Oranga, and a Provisional Member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.

A widely published author, Professor Tudor's first book – Mental Health Promotion: Paradigms and Practice (Routledge, UK, 1996) – prompted both the Canadian and Scottish governments to invite him to act as a consultant.

Since then, he’s published a number of books on the person-centred approach and on transactional analysis, including his latest title, Co-Creative Transactional Analysis (Karnac Books, UK, 2014), co-authored with Graeme Summers.

More recently, Professor Tudor has been invited to contribute a book – Psychotherapy: A Critical Examination – to a series by UK publisher, PCCS Books. Behind the publishing scenes, he’s also the editor of Psychotherapy and Politics International, the co-editor of Ata: Journal of Psychotherapy Aotearoa New Zealand, and the series editor of Advancing Theory in Therapy (published by Routledge, UK).

Before immigrating to New Zealand in 2009, Professor Tudor lived and worked in the UK. There, his extensive professional background included social work (probation, field and hospital social work, and psychiatric social work), psychotherapy (voluntary sector youth counselling, and private practice), and the co-founding of the highly regarded training organisation, Temenos. He and his partner, Louise Embleton Tudor, established, and for 17 years, directed and managed Temenos, which continues to offer person-centred education and training, specifically in counselling and psychotherapy. Together they also designed and ran the UK’s first postgraduate, person-centred psychotherapy and counselling training programme.

Professor Tudor's accomplishments include delivering a keynote speech in Italian at a national transactional analysis conference in Turin, and receiving three awards from the AUT School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies – Excellence in Mentorship, Excellence in Supervision, and Excellence in Publication.

He’s also been invited to be a Fellow of The Critical Institute, as well as being appointed Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Primorska in Slovenia, and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology, at the University of Roehampton in London.

Outside AUT, Professor Tudor runs a small private practice as a transactional analyst. He enjoys writing, watching rugby, walking, and getting to know new parts of Aotearoa. Describing himself as an “activist scholar” and a relatively active activist, he embraces Alice Walker’s perspective that “Activism is my rent for living on this planet,” and is proud to be involved in Ngā Ao e Rua, a bicultural group of Māori and non-Māori psychotherapists, counsellors and health care practitioners.

He comes from a family committed to social service, and appropriately enough, his picture shows him standing in front of a piece of art that hangs in the Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences by Fatu Feu'u, a Samoan artist, entitled 'Alamai e Tautua' - Acquire Knowledge to Serve.

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