Erling Rasmussen


Professor of Work and Employment
Business School

Having completed his PhD in Florence – a city with a rich and colourful history – Professor Erling Rasmussen understands the importance of the past. He says to understand current employment relations you must understand history.

The Professor of Work and Employment, originally from Denmark, is known for his research on recent employment issues but he also points out that the last 30 years has been dynamic for employment relations in this country.

Professor Rasmussen witnessed part of it firsthand as a policy advisor under the Labour and National Governments of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Employment Contracts Act 1991and the Employment Relations Act 2000 have profoundly impacted the lives of all New Zealanders. It is for that reason that Professor Rasmussen says employment relations is fascinating as it affects almost everyone in society.

He believes good employment relations are crucial if New Zealand is to build a high skill, high wage economy.

A part of the leadership team of the New Zealand Work Research Institute, Professor Rasmussen is also the editor of the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations and is the New Zealand Director of the Cranet survey – the world’s largest survey of human resources.

His research interest lies in New Zealand and comparative employment relations with a special interest in the effects of public policy changes.

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