Enrico Haemmerle

Enrico Haemmerle

Dean of Engineering
Head of School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Enrico Haemmerle’s interest in mechanical devices began early when he would help his father dismantle old cars and tinker with all things mechanical.

Perhaps his parents foresaw where his future lay. Growing up in Germany meant you had to pick your educational path when you were 10. He chose an apprentice route, meaning he would leave school at 16 and learn a trade. He did this in precision mechanics and enjoyed it so much he went back to school so that he could enrol in a mechanical engineering degree at a university of applied science, followed by an automation technology degree at the University of Bochum. On completion he accepted an industry funded fellowship to work and research at a Research Institute to undertake his PhD.

Professor Haemmerle brought his family to New Zealand in 1993 and worked at the University of Auckland for almost 20 years, starting as a lecturer in Mechanical and later Mechatronics Engineering and finishing as the Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Engineering.

He moved to AUT as the Head of Engineering in November 2013 because he saw an opportunity to grow the school and collaborate across various design and technology subjects. In late 2015, the schools of Engineering and Computer & Mathematical Sciences amalgamated and Professor Haemmerle took on the role of leading the new school. He says the fields complement each other, and the amalgamation will provide a point of difference to other universities in New Zealand.

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