Candice Harris

Photo of AUT's Professor of Management - Candice Harris

Professor of Management

The intersection of family life and careers is frequently at the heart of Professor Harris’ research. She’s interested in probing often under-researched areas relating to how familial roles and work mix – everything from how women are using paid services to fill traditional roles outside work through to the skills parents bring to organisations.

Professor Harris began her academic career after a stint with the NZ Defence Force writing HR policies. Her interest in women’s experiences in a business environment goes beyond research. Professor Harris is active in leadership development, both within AUT and externally, and is a huge believer in equipping people to confidently take on roles in leadership. She says our consideration of what makes a leader needs to grow beyond the traditional leadership models gleaned from the sports and military arenas. And while great leaders are celebrated, she say we need to shine a light on the importance of good management (including self-management) for driving engagement, well-being and performance at work.

Professor Harris admits she’s easily bored so the variety provided by research, post-graduate supervision, plus leadership activity is what excites her. She particularly enjoys working alongside post-graduate students as they grow and develop as researchers.

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