Allan Beever

Professor of Law
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For Professor Allan Beever, the study of law is important for what it reveals about the deep structure of human civilisation. The common law in particular contains the combined wisdom of generations of leading judges and scholars on matters of essential human concern.

Professor Beever’s research focuses on the private law, that law that deals with interactions between individuals rather than with government, as he believes it is here where matters of the most enduring consequence are raised.

His particular focus has been tort law, that area of the law that elucidates rights that people hold as against each other simply in virtue of being people. It is through the lens of this law that one learns the most about a society’s understanding of the nature and value of the human being, he says.

Professor Beever has become one of the world’s leading tort lawyers and theorists of private law. He is the author of the books Rediscovering the Law of Negligence, Forgotten Justice: A History of Political and Legal Theory, The Law of Private Nuisance, and the forthcoming A Theory of Tort Liability, as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters.

His research has had a significant international impact on scholarship in his areas of expertise. In recognition of this, he has won significant awards for his research, including a von Humboldt Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany and a Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust, UK.

In 2013, the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Law School held a symposium on Professor Beever's work, entitled ‘Allan Beever on Tort Law and Political Philosophy – A Newcastle Law School Symposium’ and in 2014, the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy Annual Conference featured a book symposium on his Forgotten Justice: A History of Political and Legal Theory.

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