Adnan Al-Anbuky

adnan abuky Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Director of the Sensor Network and Smart Environment (SeNSe) research laboratory
School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Adnan Al-Anbuky directs AUT’s Sensor Network and Smart Environment (SeNSe) research laboratory. Smart environments require sensors, intelligence, communication and action. Getting these components to working in harmony is Professor Al-Anbuky’s area of expertise.

Immediately after his electrical engineering degree at the University of Baghdad, he won a scholarship to do postgraduate studies in United Kingdom. He became interested in digital electronics together with control systems and was encouraged to enter the field of incremental motion control as applied to computer numerical control. In the early 70s these were key drivers of the emergence of industrial automation which was the subject of his master’s and doctoral degrees.

This focus continued after graduation until he arrived to New Zealand in the mid 90s where he established an industrial research unit for power quality and management systems firm Switchec (now Eaton). The unit has gone on to deliver 10 patents, turned out intellectual property for products and “better still, experts” says Professor Al-Anbuky.

Returning to academia at AUT in 2005, Professor Al-Anbuky utilised his industry experience to establish the School of Engineering’s SeNSe lab  which every year attracts numerous researchers, projects, funds and local and international connections.

The SeNSe lab is involved with the development of various concepts relevant to smart environments, including in-door spatial mapping and human comfort, weather data stream mining, outdoor hazard monitoring, cyber-physical tracking and opportunistic connectivity, and mobile crowd-sensing.

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