Research in marketing

The AUT Business School's Marketing department has a powerful core of 20 research-active, ethnically diverse and well-published academics who are engaged in multidisciplinary research. 

Members of the Marketing department have a wide portfolio of interests. Our staff are recognised internationally as experts in their field, and bring their cutting-edge research into the classes they teach. We frequently host top-level international visitors, and regularly hold research seminars. Our excellent ties with industry provide access to data, funding and awareness of issues facing modern businesses.

The wide range of top-level marketing research published by each staff member allows us to practise research-led teaching. Our students are at the cutting edge of the theoretical advances, and are well aware of the issues and challenges the industry faces in a dynamic and rapidly changing world.

Our academics have a diversity of interests, all under the wider umbrella of making a social impact – this impact is sometimes made through the applicability to business (as in for instance, the marketing and consumer behaviour papers reported below), sometimes directly through government agencies (as, for example, the work of Associate Professor Hyde concerning the cleaning of polluted Southland waterways).

AUT Marketing department academics have published well over 100 papers in the last three years, many in top-level journals. Many staff members are active on editorial boards and editorial teams. Research in the current year alone demonstrates the breadth of research  themes within the group and the way each theme relates to the overarching research goal of social and business impact:

Marketing management and consumer behaviour

Kim, J., Cui, Y., Hwang E., Franklin, D. & Seo, Y. (2020), “’012012 or 111000’: Preference for consumption pattern seeking in food choice,” European Journal of Marketing, forthcoming.

Cui, Y., Errmann, A., Kim, J, Seo Y, Xu, Y. & Zhao, F. (2019). Moral effects of physical cleansing and pro-environmental hotel choice, Journal of Travel Research.

Franklin, D., & Marshall, R. (2019). Adding co-creation as an antecedent condition leading to trust in business-to-business relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 77(1), 170-181.

Artificial intelligence

Bakpayev, M., Baek, T., Van Esch, P & Yoon, S. (2020).  Programmatic Creative: AI can think, but cannot feel, Australasian Marketing Journal.

Social media and the Internet

Jones, K. & Glynn, M. (forthcoming). How Children use Social Media for Brand Interactions. Young Consumers.

Pro-social behaviour

Jung, Annie, Lee, E., Han, E., Henderson, M., & Patall, E. (forthcoming). Prosocial Modeling: A Meta-analytic Review and Synthesis. Psychological Bulletin.

Steward, C-R, Yap, S-F. (2020), “Low literacy, policy and consumer vulnerability: Are we really doing enough?” International Journal of Consumer Studies


De Villiers, R. & Hess, A. (2019). The Magic Cloak. Releasing the Creative Genie in Your Workplace. Journal of Organisational Creativity, Vol 1, No. 1. pp.5-18

For six years, until 2020, AUT's Marketing department provided the editor-in-chief and associate editors for the Australasian Marketing Journal, the official journal of the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC). During that period the Journal was reclassified from a “B” level to an “A” by the Australian Business Deans Council. Currently two of our academics, Drs. Ken Hyde and Jungkeun Kim, still serve as associate editors.

The department is an Institutional Member of ANZMAC, and Dr Jungkeun Kim is a member of the executive committee, Professor Roger Marshall was made a Fellow in 2019.

Professor Ben Wooliscroft is an associate editor for the Journal of Macromarketing and on the editorial board of Cogent Environmental Science and the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing and European Business Review.

Professor Krzysztof Kubacki is in editorial board for Journal of Social Marketing and Social Marketing Quarterly. He is also an Associate Editor of Journal of Marketing Management.

Professor Ricky Chan is on editorial review board of the Journal of Business.

Associate Professor Ken Hyde is an associate editor for the Australasian Marketing Journal. He is on the editorial board for the Journal of Travel Research, and Tourism Management.

Associate Professor Crystal Yap is an editorial board member for the Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, Marketing and Management of Innovations and Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business.

Dr Jungkeun Kim is an associate editor for the Australasian Marketing Journal, Australasian Marketing Journal, an editorial board member of Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Organizational Creativity and Korean Marketing Management Association (KMMA). He is also a guest editor of Internet Research, 2020 ICAMA (2019 - 2020).

Dr Yingzi Xu has been serving on the editorial board of the Journal of Business Research (in Service Management area) since 2007.

Dr Marilyn Giroux is on editorial board for the European Journal of Marketing.

Dr Patrick van Esch is serving on the editorial review board for the Australasian Marketing Journal, International Journal of Marketing Studies and the Review of European Studies.

Dr Drew Franklin is on the editorial advisory board of the Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) and the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (JGSMS). He is also on the editorial review board for the above as well as the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (JBIM), Industrial Marketing Management (IMM) and Journal of Business Research (JBR).

Opportunities for PhD study and collaboration

We enjoy hosting international visitors and collaborating on international research projects. We're particularly keen to encourage PhD candidates to consider us as partners and hosts. If you're interested in joining us, contact Siew-Yan Wung.


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